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Gemstone guide: Amazonite

Within the earth's crust magic happens. Minerals get formed throughout complex processes over time. A combination of lead, water and feldspar minerals brought this dazzling emerald gem stone to life. Named after the color of the amazon river this gem is known to have life changing qualities. As many other stones, amazonite has a history full of myth and legend. It is said that the ancient female warriors (Amazones) adorned their shields with these gems. They were also found in the tomb of Tutankhamen. There they are decorating his death mask and were referred to as the ‘Stones of Hope’. It is obvious that these stones have played an important role throughout history and they still do today. The color...

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The Cutest 2021 Jewelry Summer Trends

The first rays of sun burn on our faces as we see the blossoms bloom and flowers grow. Soon we will switch our hoodies and long jeans for swimwear, flip flops or sandals and bright colored jewelry of course! On top of that it seems like the pandemic might come to an end and life is returning to normal. Dressing up nice to go have some drinks and look absolutely fabulous. But what jewelry to wear this summer? Pearls Pearls never seem to get out of fashion. Over a 100 years ago they already used them and we still do today. And if we are honest, what better to combine with light and summery colors than pearls? They are fit...

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The Ultimate gift guide for Mother’s Day.

It’s something super hard. Picking a gift for a mother who has already the only thing in life you could possibly want. That is perfect children who think about their mother on Mother's Day. The fact that you’re reading this post means that you’re already thinking about your gift. But what should you pick? I give you a perfect guide to get started!  Be personal  It sounds incredibly easy but once you start thinking, this is way harder than you think. Give something that she likes but only you could know. You want your mother to feel special so try not to be superficial when you give something.  Think about what you both like  Think about what you both like....

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The power of words.

It’s a weird thing words. They are build up out of letters and randomly placed into groups so we can make sounds out of them. Every thing has a name. Somewhere, long ago, someone decided that a certain sound would belong to a certain object. We were able to communicate and later on we start to write these sounds down. But what power is behind these random selected sounds?

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Top 5 reasons for smiling more!

It’s all about the contraction of the musculus zygomatic major. This weird sounding thing is the muscle that raises the corner of our mouth. We recognize it as a simple smile. A universal human expression for happiness, joy, amusement and all the other good stuff. Although it might seem as something we do spontaneous, we can take some more control. But why I hear you think?

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