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5 Easy tips for a fuller life

Give a complement

It’s such a small thing and it takes almost no effort. Easy to miss an opportunity if you don’t remind yourself. It is a very powerful tool and you’ll notice that it effects the people around you. Make a complement genuine. Don’t just give a random one, but think about it. Wat just happened or what quality do you appreciate in that person. How did it make you feel and why do you appreciate it so much? This little gesture can make someone’s day!


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Even easier than the complement. Just a simple smile. When you walk by just give people a warm smile. You will see countless faces light up and just smile back. Who knew it could be this easy?!

Be grateful

Not only for things you see or get but also for he things you don’t get. Try to find a positive side in each story. I know, I know, easier said than done. I struggle with this every day too. Although, after a while you start doing it automatically. Whenever you have a setback, get your things together and try to see a bright side in the story. No matter how small it is! The slightest bit of light can illuminate a dark room. Just try it!

Help someone

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This might seem a bit scary at fist but once you’re in to it, there’s no stopping it. The trick is to start small. If you see someone struggling with bags or opening a door, just give them a hand! Easy, simple and effective. Instant feel good vibes throughout the entire day. And it only took five seconds of your time. If you’re up for more go and volunteer. You’ll be surprised, doing good for others without wanting anything back will fill you up with joy and purpose.

Be kind

This one sounds easier than it might actually be. It comes in many forms and may be just a little different for everybody. The main thing associated with kindness is being friendly. But also warmth, patience, affection, gentleness and generousness fall within this category. Being kind requires strength and bravery. Full-hearted celebrate someone’s success, tell people the truth in a gentle way and look for opportunities to share love. There are many opportunities every day to practice kindness, but only if you look for them.

Bonus tip

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Can’t get enough of all the goodness you’re spreading? Give someone you love or appreciate a nice gift. If you’re looking for a meaningful one, you got lucky! We have bracelets with motivational messages and compliments. A daily reminder for how great or strong they are. These are also part of our Fight Cancer-collection and support not only your loved ones. They support a team of superheroes that help kids battle cancer and terminal illnesses.

Making the world a better place starts with our self.


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