Three green polished amazonite stones with different sizes on a white table.

Gemstone guide: Amazonite

Within the earth's crust magic happens. Minerals get formed throughout complex processes over time. A combination of lead, water and feldspar minerals brought this dazzling emerald gem stone to life. Named after the color of the amazon river this gem is known to have life changing qualities.

As many other stones, amazonite has a history full of myth and legend. It is said that the ancient female warriors (Amazones) adorned their shields with these gems. They were also found in the tomb of Tutankhamen. There they are decorating his death mask and were referred to as the ‘Stones of Hope’. It is obvious that these stones have played an important role throughout history and they still do today.

The color of this stone has a lot of similarities with water and so do the qualities. To make you more flexible and fluid in situations. It can help you overcome the hardest moments and obstacles in life. Clear your mind and rid yourself of fears and doubt to make place for a vibrant and positive energy. This stone of hope gives room for self improvement and gives you the urge to go with the flow, just like water.

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