labradorite gemstones on a dark wooden table.

Gemstone guide: Labradorite

If you have been scrolling on a jewelry website you must have seen it already.

 The term doesn’t really tell you much about it.

Labradorite is (like most of the gemstones) a mineral.

It is named after the place where they first found it.

But what are the qualities of this gem and how can it help you?

Labradorite Gemstones on a Dark wooden table with wild flowers

Labradorite has a rich history and has been around for quite a long time. Through the years a lot of different stories created a sense of mysticism around it and gave it the nickname ‘the stone of mysticism’. If you are looking to expand your mind or if you like to get to know the deeper part of your soul to grow your spirituality, this is the stone you are looking for. Labradorite reminds you that every day in life holds a bit of magic.

A big part of the healing powers in this stone get represented by the looks of it. This stone can look grey and boring but once you see it in the light it holds almost every color of the spectrum. In real life it represents somewhat the same. Even if everything around you seems grey there is always light and magic if you just remember to look for it. It can be hard to find it sometimes, but it is there. This stone will spark you to reconnect with that light. This is what makes labradorite so powerful. Set intentions, be more positive and unleash your full potential.

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