A super colorful happy newspaper in front of a very colorful background.

The need for more positivity.

It’s early 2021 and I’m just starting up JWLRY. I knew from the start I wanted something that would inspire people and contribute to a happier and more positive life. Definitely now. 2020 left us with anxieties and loneliness. But what can a small business do to try and make a difference?

It was a crazy year. The Covid-19 virus had his grip on the entire globe and everybody got isolated. People lost jobs, houses, loved ones and the connection to other people. It was a very dark year for most of us. Loosing everything that we hold dear. But in that dark place it’s important to stay positive. We found other ways of connecting and getting together. All the pictures and posts of people having virtual dinners or cocktail parties warmed the heart. It gave hope in so many ways. If we look in the right places we can always find a way. A way to share, to love and to have fun.

In this pandemic I wanted to start my business. Not out of necessity but because I had a calling. My gut telling me I should do this and try to follow my dreams. I wanted to spread positivity and joy in this dark period. And that is why I immediately wanted the bracelets with their positive messages. It gives us the opportunity to share some happiness. A message that gives people strength and hope. A small gesture to let people know we haven’t forgotten about them. Some happiness to share with others.

The need for more positivity + Grateful + JWLRY + "Today I am Gratefull" book with golden pen lying on a table with a big green leaf next to it.

It’s important to stick together. Also in “normal times” (no pandemics or other crazy stuff). We should never hold ourselves back from connecting, loving and sharing. These gestures make us human. Having a community of people around us who care for the same things and have the same ideals is a dream that came true.

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