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The power of words.

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It’s a weird thing words. They are build out of letters and randomly placed into groups so we can make sounds out of them. Every thing has a name. Somewhere, long ago, someone decided that a certain sound would belong to a certain object. We were able to communicate and later on we start to write these sounds down. But what power is behind these random selected sounds?

A word…

It can make us feel happy or sad, enthusiastic or bored, they can express love or hate. Wars started over these things but also romances. I guess we can all agree on the fact they are one of the most powerful tools given to humanity. This tool is something we can use to make the world a happier place and to get better and more successful ourselves.

In order to understand how we can do this it is important we know how they work. I guess I can split them up in three big groups. Functional words, positive words and negative words. The functional ones are exactly what you think they are. Just functional. There is no emotion attached to them and not of great importance for this article. The positive words are the ones we will focus on because they harness more power than you could ever imagine. Negative words are the ones we’ll try to avoid. We use them way to much already!

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When we speak, we create some kind of energy. This energy can be positive or negative. In society we mainly taught ourselves to lean towards the “dark side”. Talking to people about our own or someone else’s failures or lack of success. When these thoughts form in our head they become a reality to us. Speak them out loud and they become a reality for many others. Even if you actually feel bad, do you want to confirm this bad feeling to others and make it a bigger reality?

Make yourself aware of the negative words you speak and change them for a more constructive and positive sentence. For example, you want to start running and can not yet run 1km. Don’t tell people “I’m to slow and lazy” but say “I am training hard for my next running goal”. Be proud on what you do and who you are. You’ll be amazed of how much more motivation you will get from doing this.

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Before you say something, think about how you will say it. Be positive and don’t speak ill (about yourself or others). Using these words will create a new reality for you. A reality in which you are more certain, confident and happier. People will even like you more than they already do (duh, because you’re amazing), when you are more positive. You will see more opportunities and live a fuller life.


Do you have trouble finding the right words or you forget it easily? No worries, at JWLRY’s we wanted to create jewels that harness that power. We engraved some of our bracelets with empowering words for those who lost track of how amazing or positive they are. Lift up your own mood or give it as a gift. A daily reminder of awesomeness, love, positivity and appreciation!

The power of words + Kindness + JWLRY + Old school car pictured from the side with quote on the back door "Be kind to people and animals".

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