The Ultimate gift guide for Mother’s Day.

It’s something super hard. Picking a gift for a mother who has already the only thing in life you could possibly want. That is perfect children who think about their mother on Mother's Day. The fact that you’re reading this post means that you’re already thinking about your gift. But what should you pick? I give you a perfect guide to get started! 

Be personal 

It sounds incredibly easy but once you start thinking, this is way harder than you think. Give something that she likes but only you could know. You want your mother to feel special so try not to be superficial when you give something. 

Think about what you both like 

Think about what you both like. Write down the things you know the two of you love. Then think what gift you’d love to get within those themes. Chances are this could just be the winner you are looking for.   

How about an experience? 

If you found something you both like, why not enjoy it too? You can go for a day in your favorite spa (if covid allows it), watch some romantic movies with her favorite take-out food, have lunch or dinner together or whatever the two of you like to do together. Because nothing tops some quality-time. 

Give something that lasts 

Here is where we come in! How about a nice piece of jewelry, a t-shirt or sweater to tell your mom that she is the most amazing person you know. All of our jewelry is made to last and so are our brand-new sweatshirts and t-shirt. So, give something to make her even sparkle more than she already does. Get some more inspiration here!

Love doesn’t get measured in euro’s  

No matter what you give, whether it’s something for free or you bought it for €1000. If you put time and effort in it, it’s a great present. The point I obviously want to make is that a good gift doesn’t necessarily needs to cost you money. If it is something you give with love, she will love it too. 

Who doesn’t like Rosé? 

If you are really without inspiration here’s a simple one. What’s better than drinking a nicely chilled rosé wine on a warm spring afternoon? Nothing, exactly! Add some fresh strawberries and some snacks you know she loves and voila. There you go, a quick fix! 


Giving a great gift takes some thought. It might even take you some effort. But those gifts are by far the best gifts to give. The ones you know she will love and treasure. A gift she will keep or wear with proud and happy feelings.  

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