A smiling woman in an outdoor environment. She looks happy and wears red lipstick and a hat.

Top 5 Reasons Why Smiling Makes Life More Fun!

You want to know something funny?

It’s all about the contraction of the musculus zygomaticus major.

This weird sounding thing is the muscle that raises the corner of our mouth.

We recognize it as a simple smile. A universal human expression for happiness, joy, amusement and all the other good stuff. Although it might seem as something we do spontaneously, we can take some more control.

But why do I hear you think?

Smiling elevates your mood

It’s really good stuff smiling. Whenever you’re feeling down just give it a go. If you smile you will trick your brain. Flexing your smile-muscles long enough will trigger your brain. It’ll start making all the happiness chemicals in no time. Whenever I felt bad I used to draw a smiley on my hand. Every time I looked at it I told myself to smile until I started laughing. A ridiculous thing but I felt so much better!

Smiling reduces stress and high blood pressure

Top 5 reasons for smiling more + Happines + JWLRY + Three happy ladies with hats on a bench whispering and laughing.

So voluntarily smiling will activate your brain like I mentioned above. It doesn’t only make you happy but it also releases other chemicals in your brain. These chemicals work as antidepressants, painkillers and feel good drugs. So whenever you are stressed, smiling can help you a big deal. It reduces adrenaline and cortisol (these hormones make you anxious and jumpy) levels in the blood accordingly reducing stress and blood pressure. Cheap and effective!

Smiling makes us more attractive

Think about it. If you can choose walking up to a person that is frowning or one that is smiling, who would you pick? A simple smile makes you look approachable, nice and more attractive. Who doesn’t want to be near a person that looks like 'good vibes'-only. It's a curious thing but proven and effective.

Smile and look younger

Top 5 reasons for smiling more + Smiling + JWLRY + funny baby in a pink floating ornament with big sunglasses and a bright blue background. Very funny!

This one is pretty straight forward but easily forgotten. It’s a matter of training muscles. Some muscles we use for smiling, naturally lift our face. This crazy phenomenon makes you look more juvenile and more attractive. Ladies and gents, we have a winner!

Smiling makes you feel good

A simple smile comes a long way. Not only because its good for you but also because people will smile back. You will see a lot more happy faces on the street, who on their turn make you even happier. It’s a circle filled with only goodness. Except when you are not used to smiling this much. Did you ever have cramps in your cheeks from all the smiling? That hurts!


Smiling can change your life in so many ways. It is easy and takes no time at all. You can do it whenever and wherever(maybe not everywhere, but you know where I’m going). Become a better and happier version of yourself by applying this simple life-hack. 

Remember, smile!


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