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An expression of personality. That is what earrings are.

Shine bright and be colorful or maybe you love it a bit more subtle. All of this is possible in a sustainable and eco friendly way. Show off your newest extensions of your mood with a pair from the JWLRY-Europe collection. 

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How to wear earrings

Earrings are super versatile jewels you can easily wear for every occasion. They can be small and subtle or they can be bold and colorful. It all depends on what time of the day it is, the occasion and your personality. Let your eyes pop with the right color or draw attention with a bold design. Whatever the case, you are able to shine every moment of the day.

What earrings are in style in 2022?

Big earrings or statement earrings are definitely in style in 2022. The more color the better you say? Also pearls stay a good choice. These timeless designs get a new twist and stay trending in general. For the last 100 years there hasn’t been a single year pearls went out of style.

Celestial and spiritual earrings are, like last year, super hot. This means good vibes and amazing jewels.

How do I clean my earrings?

In general cleaning your earrings shouldn't be too difficult. Rinse them under running water and if they’re not too dirty that should be enough. If it has been a while try cleaning them with a soft toothbrush and a cleaning solution. In that way you get rid of all the dirt and you keep them nice and shiny!

Are all the earrings hypoallergenic? 

All of our earrings are! If you look in the product description you will quickly find the right information too. They will always say they are 100% allergy free. That means you don’t have to worry about anything.

What does “gold plated” mean?

A lot of our earrings are gold plated. That usually means it's not made out of solid gold but your earrings are coated with a thin layer of gold. In that way your jewelry gets a nice shine, looks great and is affordable. The inside is made of either a metal or sterling silver to provide you the best quality possible.

Where do the earrings come from?

Our earrings are all hand made by small European businesses. We find these small businesses while traveling and keep our eyes open for new jewelry. We love it most when they are sustainable and have a good story. That is why all our jewelry is so great! It’s all hand picked, with care and love.

How do your earrings get shipped?

Your earrings will arrive in a beautiful gift box packed with care. Depending on the pair you ordered, they come in a jewelry box or in a cotton jewelry bag. They always come with a special bag to store them in. All our materials are eco friendly and sustainable, so you have nothing to worry about.