What do you need to know?





Why should I choose JWLRY?

We’re a young brand with good intentions only. We care about the message we send, the people we meet and providing quality products without polluting the air we breathe. We keep it very personal and we’re hoping to not only provide a nice piece of JWLRY but also a sense of community and support for our ‘JWLRY-family’. So go ahead and become part of this wonderful community!


What does JWLRY support?

At JWLRY we support a number of things.

  1. To start off we made the decision to offer EU products only. They’re also shipped in EU only. This because we don’t want airplanes to fly half way around the globe for earrings.
  2. Since we made the decision to do the EU only we’re also supporting small businesses by partnering up and offering their wonderful creations. The dream is to keep traveling while working and find these jewelers ourselves. This way we can keep it personal and real.
  3. It’s important for us to have a collection that contributes to a non profit. We chose the ‘Kinderkankerfonds’ (kids cancer fund Belgium) because we’re closely connected to that. If you would like to read more about why and how check out our ‘about us’ page.
  4. We also support our customers. I truly believe in the power of words and positivity. That is why we try to send positive messages as much as we can. From our bracelets to blog posts and articles. All made for YOU to enjoy.


Why is JWLRY such an awesome brand?

Because we’re awesome!? We’re trying our very best to create our own community and spend every second of our day thinking on how we can improve. Our ultimate goal is to create a great customer experience and spread love and joy all over Europe!



How do I contact JWLRY?

You can easily contact us by sending us an email (click here for mailing us!) or use the chat option on our website. We’d love to hear from you!


How do I return or exchange something?

You can send it back to our head quarters. We’ve made an entire page for you to clarify what you need to know. Take a look over here.


Does JWLRY have a physical store?

No not just yet. We do dream of opening up our very own store. But first things first I guess. It’s a matter of time, but for now, no stores. If you want to get in touch and see our faces, shoot us an email with a zoom request. We are always happy to meet new people and see your beautiful faces.



How many coupon codes can I use per order?

You can only use one (1) coupon code on every order you place. If there are certain problems or requests however, shoot us an email!


I have problems with the checkout, what should I do?

Out of experience we know there can be some trouble with this depending on the web browser you are using. So if this problem just popped up your fist step should be refreshing. If that didn’t help try upgrading your web browser to the latest version.

If you still have issues after going through these steps you can still try a few of the following steps:

  • Access our site using the incognito or safe mode.
  • Clear the browsers cache and cookies.
  • Turn of all extensions or add-ons that are running during the checkout process.

If you are still here and nothing worked so far, thank you! You are crazy motivated to get your hands on our stuff. You should send us an email or chat message and we’ll help you out. Problems are there to be solved.


I forgot to enter my coupon codes, what now?

Yo, no biggie! If you just placed your order just shoot an email with your order number (in your mailbox) and your name and address. From there on we can see what we can do.

Has it been more than 24 hours then we won’t be able to change anything in your order. If your code is about to expire just let us know and we’ll extend it so you can use it for your next order.


What payment options do you offer?

We offer a whole bunch! We’ll list them up for you.

  • Visa
  • Meastro
  • American Express
  • Mastercard
  • Ideal
  • Bankcontact
  • Shop pay
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • PayPal


Which currency will I be charged in when I place an order?

The main currency for our website is Euro, simply because we’re a Belgian company. However, if you haven’t disabled the cookies on our website, the prices can be shown and paid in Danish crowns (DKK), Swedish crowns (SEK), Norse crowns (NOK), Icelandic crowns (ISK), Croatian Kuna (HRK), Polish zloty (PLN) and Swiss Franks (CHF) too!



Where do you ship to?

We ship to every place in Europe! Isn’t that nice?


How long does shipping take?

Normally all orders should arrive between 5 and 10 business days. We’d love to do it faster but since we’re always moving and traveling and we keep our own stock, that might get a little tricky. But no one said we can’t try.


How much does shipping cost?

For orders over €48 we ship for free! If your order is less than that you’ll pay an additional €5 for your shipment, fair deal right?


When will my order be shipped?

Your shipment will be sent within maximum three (3) working days. If all goes well you will get notified when your shipment goes out.


How will my order be send?

All our orders get shipped in a nice and eco-friendly packaging. Doesn’t sound sexy? Think again!


I haven’t received my entire order, what can I do?

No worries! Go ahead and send us an email, we’ll help you in a heartbeat!



I haven’t received my order yet, what to do?

Most of our products have a tracking option. So have a look in the email we send you. You should find a link there to track your order. If that’s not the case, drop us an email and we’ll get back to you in no time!


My order is damaged while shipping, what should I do?

We’re so sorry this happened! We made an entire article of the steps you should take. Please let us know as soon as possible. A happy customer is the only customer we want.



Can I partner up with you?

Hello and thanks for reaching out! We’re always open for nice people to enter the family. We have a page ready for you where you find everything you need to know. Click here and let’s do this!


Why should I partner up with JWLRY?

Besides the fact that we have our own collections we love to offer great, European craftsmanship. We will create a special place on our website for you and boost your sales. If you want more information, please send us an email. We are happy to help and look forward to meeting you!



Can I become a brand ambassador?

We’re always looking for motivated individuals who are involved on social media to spread some happiness, joy and love. Are you active on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok (or whatever, right?), you are over the age of 18 and live in Europe, than you might just be the one!

Want to apply? Click here!


Why become a JWLRY brand ambassador?

If you are completely in love with our brand and brag about us to all your friends, why not take it to the next level? You can hook your friends and family up with, your very own, exclusive discount code and drive more traffic to our store at the same time. Never been easier right?


What are the benefits of becoming a brand ambassador?

We’ll be honest about this one. We don’t quite have this one figured out yet. For now all we can offer is unlimited gratitude and love and the promise of a brighter future. If you have any other requests or ideas please let us know!