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Meet our Founder

Amber Buyse

My name is Amber Buyse,
founder and CEO of JWLRY. A brand created to give hope, love and inspiration, hand in hand with nice designed jewels hand crafted in Europe. This is my story. It all started when I left school and got my first job. I felt unhappy and searched for more purpose in life.

A struggle that haunted me for over five years. Switching between jobs and falling in and out of burnouts. I realized I was chasing the wrong ideals in life.

After meeting my husband I started growing and began to feel a great energy inside me. I wanted to inspire and help people while being free and independent. I started building my own business and kept searching how I could give back to the people. Although I had no idea how to do that…

JWLRY CEO Amber on the beach while travelling Europe.

The Big Dream

As I started my own business and started traveling I found so much beauty and kindness in the world. But also stories that moved me to my very core. People who lived in poverty, survived cancer, abuse… and there, in that dark place I found the last piece of the puzzle. Spreading a message that has more value than gold.

What to support?

“It breaks my heart to just sit and watch these things without being able to help.”

It is never an easy choice when it comes to this. But there are a few that stand out. My mother is a nurse/superwoman and works with kids. These little heroes just heard they have to fight cancer. It breaks my heart to just sit and watch these things without being able to help. But now we can. That’s why we created the Fight Cancer-Collection. A part of the revenue will be donated to the ‘ vzw Kinderkankerfonds’ (Childerens Cancer Fund).

But why stop there. While traveling around Europe we look for local craftsmanship and jewelry in the narrow streets of our beautiful European cities. We partner up with them and give our best to boost their revenue by selling their products in our store. Helping the local economy. Because it's all in Europe there’s no need for polluting our precious air to fly a ring half way around the globe.

Child with cancer during treatment on bed in hospital. - JWLRY fight against cancer
JWLRY CEO Amber Buyse sitting on the beach in Oahu Hawaii with husband Thomas.

The Impact

Reminding the people that when they want to dress up nice, they can do so with a lot of meaning. We, as community, have the ability to change people's life for ever. A small step for us can be the difference between life and death to someone else. Make people smile again with a small gesture, a nice earring or a meaningful bracelet. Support local businesses all around Europe and make a difference.

I am very grateful for your support. To watch this seed grow alongside our community is the most beautiful thing in the world. Thank you again, because without you there would be no us.

All the love,

Amber Buyse
Founder and CEO of JWLRY.com
& Thomas, husband of the CEO

JWLRY-Europe CEO and founder Amber buyse


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